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Website audit performed by our company is the set of activities that will increase the efficiency of your online resource and, therefore, your business. We help potential customer to go for your service or products, while ignoring offers from competitive websites. We work in such manner that our customer is free from any troubles and at the same time receives the maximum growth of sales and profit.
Raising website conversion rate: how the target visitor becomes your customer

Improving the efficiency of customer website, revenue growth, increase of online sales volume are brought into a single goal - "raising website conversion rate". Formally that means that the website is successful when its visitor turns into the customer of your company.

We can offer the following to improve your website conversion rate:

  • SEO Website Audit,
  • Usability Audit,
  • Marketing Audit.

SEO website audit is a deep comprehensive website examination that will expose all existing deviations from seo norms. Website audit will allow maximizing its performance. Your website will be evaluated according to optimization scale; it will undergo express analysis, analysis of resource structure. Website indexing in search engines will also be measured; its keyword visibility will be checked, including the performance of such queries. This service is essential in case your website is promoted in a way different from what you have expected.

Usability audit is the expert evaluation of your resource's usability. The examination will reveal major deficiencies that prevent the target audience from comfortably using the web resource, ordering products and services on your company's website. Following the conducted work you will obtain clear and comprehensive guidelines, which will correct the deficiencies revealed. Implementation of our guidelines will improve your website performance - it will increase the number of customers who came directly from the Internet resource.

Marketing audit is the comprehensive analytical work on your website and its environment. This work involves the study of the web resource's page structure, its content and the form of presenting information, website navigation and usability. We analyze website statistics, works performed for optimization and contextual advertising; we investigate competitive websites and their strategies. As a result, you will get a detailed report on the revealed deficiencies that prevent turning the target visitors into your customers. We provide clear and detailed guidelines to eliminate the deficiencies and (based on your company's goals) offer comprehensive strategy for promoting your website in the Internet.

We are seeking long-term relations with your company, that is why we are committed to ensuring that the increase of sales and profit is of stable nature. We know how to implement this task even in crisis conditions. When you trust us with your web resource, its success becomes our concern.

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«Tsentr gornolyzhnoy podgotovki (Mountain Skiing Training Center)»
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«XXI CENTURY-CONSULT Recruitment agency»
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«Euro Asia»
Магазин горящих путевок «МЫС ТУР»
«Magazin goryashchikh putyovok MYS-TUR (Last-minute Tour Agency)»
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«Portal Chatoff»
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«Fishka By»
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«Laser Grafics»
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«MV3 Promet»
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«Sannyback City»
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