Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a service that raises the websites to new revenue heights. When does the visitor leave your website? How to interest them in becoming a customer for a product or service? What is the price of attracting one customer on the Internet? - Web analytics provides a detailed answer to these questions and helps business to increase the number of sales.

Web analytics is the booster of your company's profit

Web Analytics

Web analytics ensures continuous close monitoring of your website status and improves the quality of its life, which implies the benefit from the resource in the form of stable profit. Web analytics helps genuinely evaluate the payback of internet advertising, reduces all "no" and "maybe" in respect of the Internet marketing quantum action for the benefit of the website.


The customer requires web analytics services in the following cases:


  • Your Internet advertising investments return no profit.
  • You have no idea whether your Internet advertising campaign expenses are covered.
  • Your website remains on the same (though good enough) level of profit.
  • You want to turn your website from the source of expenses into the source of income.


What does the "WebAnalytics" service include?


  • Installation on your website of Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics counters.
    Installed together, these systems will provide you with comprehensive view on your website visitors and their actions.
  • Determination of title indicators of the company's business performance.
    You can influence visitors actions and choose the preferred ones: order of service through the website, price list download, visiting Contacts page. We will find indicators capable of accurately evaluating the result of conducting your company's business on the Internet.
  • Setting up data collection.
    Being aware about the goals of your company we set Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics up for necessary data collection. Statistics counters will register the time when the visitor performs the desired action.
  • Setting up monthly reports delivery.
    Every month you will receive reports clearly demonstrating the percentage of your website visitors turned customers. This report reflects other important operating indicators, which will be accompanied by comments from our company's experts.

Web analytics is your website booster - it constantly promotes the growth of the resource and the delivery of superior results for your business.

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